The classes I teach

I have been teaching miniature craft works at the Mainichi Newspaper Culture City in Shibuya PARCO School since 1997. Shibuya is the most trendy area in Tokyo, and PARCO is a big department store for fashionable goods. I love Sibuya PARCO because they gave me a space for my first exhibition. (See the section of Scenes From Exhibitions.)
In April of 2003 I moved my school to my studio so I could teach to more students, have more space for equipment, and have the ability to teach different levels of the craft. My studio is near the Komagome station in JR Yamanote Line.
( My studio )
We now have two curriculums. They are "Paris in a Box" and "Structures". There are about twenty-five students in our school, both men and women. If you have any questions email us. We will be happy to send you some information.