Ichiyoh Haga was born in 1948 and resides in Tokyo, Japan. He began creating three dimensional miniature art in 1995 after running his own chain of women's clothing stores, which were affected adversely by the recession that rocked the Japanese economy throughout the eighties and nineties. This turn of events, caused Mr. Haga to make a dramatic change in his life and today remains the catalyst for his adventure into the miniature art world.

Ichiyoh Haga's very first project was a small, wooden, traditional Japanese railroad office (smaller than a cigarette box) constructed while killing time at work due to declining situation of the Japanese economy. This one small step fueled his enthusiasm and by the end of the first week he would go on to create five projects that would mark a new career for him and a dramatic change of lifestyle.

It didn't take long for people to notice his work and in 1996, Parco (a Japanese department store) held what became Ichiyoh's first miniature art exhibition. After the success of his first exhibition (including various sales) his career really began to take off and at present, Ichiyoh has held over 45 exhibitions both here in Japan and internationally.

Some of his most famous works include:
*Mouka Station (a traditional, Japanese, early Showa-era railroad station)
*TOKIWA-SOU (a replica of a famous comic book artist's apartment house)
*ITO-YA (the most famous stationary store in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo)
*Original Stone House (commissioned by Fuji Television in Japan)
*The Japanese Tavern for TV Commercial of Nicorette by Onion Inc.
*Shoutarou Ishinomori's desk (The desk of the famous comic book writer)
*KADOEBI-LOU (a house of Led-Light District)
*Carl Froseth Store in Thief River (requested by Ms.Nancy Froseth)
*EDWARD MORSE & BROS (requested by Mr. Ahmed Al-thani)
*A Room of Ms. Shizu (to be used in a Japanese movie film "Cesium and a Girl")

In addition, Mr. Haga has authored more than ten books and several essays on miniature art. He also lectures and instructs students at his own craft school as well as the Mainichi Newspaper Cultural City School (a joint-venture between the Mainichi Newspaper and Parco Department store). Moreover, Mr. Haga is the president of Microcosmos; a special member of The Japan Society for Dolls Houses and a member of The Japan International Artist Club (J.I.A.C.)

The Business End of Microcosmos includes;
* Artistic modeling
* Exhibitions
* Sales & rental
* Workshop & private lessons

* Ichiyoh Haga's Komagome Studio